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One Million Trees Planted Initiative

Dot&Jot's commitment to eco-friendly production and contribution to environment expands beyond our products.partnered with non-profit OneTreePlanted.org to help plant one million trees in the USA. 

For every order placed, we donate a portion of total sales to replant our great American forests. To be specific, see below for details and FAQ:







How will my sale make a difference:
For every $10 in sales, one tree will be planted. So, an order of $100 will plant 10 trees.

Where Where will the trees be planted:
We will focus only on USA based forests: California, Oregon, Colorado, Florida, and British Columbia.

Why Trees:
Since our brand is mainly focused on paper goods, we believe it's only fair to give back to the trees that allow us to make such beautiful paper. Plus, trees are awesome. They provide us with cleaner air and lower the effects of global warming. They provide housing to all the woodland creatures.

How do I know how many trees have been planted:
We will post updates here every quarter.

Can I donate:

Absolutely, you make your own separate donation on their homepage at OneTreePlanted.org